Vila Real de Santo António – Portugal

Rosie Andre

Vila Real de Santo António is a small city in Portugal's Algarve region. It's in the south of Portugal, on the Portugal/Spain border.

We came here for an afternoon to wander the streets. We walked through the town passing lots of shops. The shops were selling mostly towels, clothes and souvenirs. Vila Real de Santo António seems to have a lots of tourists visiting during the summer months, but I imagine it's a bit of a ghost town in the winter.

There was a really lovely atmosphere while walking around. Musicians were playing on the streets, people enjoying ice creams and beers. It's quite a chilled yet lively place to be. Perfect for anyone who wants to get away from busy European cities such as Paris and London.

I really liked some of the buildings in Vila Real de Santo António and in particular the main square. There were cafés, restaurants and shops, but also a beautiful old church. I wanted to go in, but it was closed.

There doesn't seem to be a lot to really do in Vila Real de Santo António apart from just take in the Portuguese culture and way of life. I think there are boat trips available along the Guadiana, which is the river between Portugal and Spain. This could be a nice day trip idea if you are staying here for more than a couple of hours like we did.

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Photographs of Vila Real de Santo António