Toulon Beach – France

Rosie Andre

Toulon beach is my favourite beach on the South coast of France. There is free parking (which is almost impossible to find at other beaches). Plus the car park is pretty huge and I always find a space. Parking may be a weird thing to first mention but when you visit the beach as much as I do, free parking saves me lots of hassle & money!

There are 3 beaches which are surrounded by grassy areas, play areas, sports areas and chill out areas. There are grassy sections with palm trees so people can chill in the shade or play football. There are several playing fields for games such as basketball. There is a skate park and so much more. Basically, it's a great place to come with kids as they can be kept entertained if the beach isn't their thing.

Toulon beach has lots of restaurants just on the beach which are great for a seafood lunch with beach & sea views. Several also sell great cocktails, ice creams and other snacks. It's so good that there is lots of choice and you don't have to go far from your towel either.

The snorkelling at Toulon beach has been a favourite spot of mine for a while. I have seen several octopus, anemones, urchins, fish, sea stars & sea cucumbers in these waters. The sea is usually nice and clear and lovely and warm in the late summer months.

If you're in this area of France and wanting an all-in-one/has it all kinda place, Toulon beach is it. It's popular with the locals but not a huge tourist spot so not super busy, which is always a bonus!

P.s. You're welcome!