Teamoy 10Pcs Sanitary Pad Review

So I guess this is my first eco friendly product review! And what a better way to start than with the Teamoy 10Pcs Sanitary Pads from Amazon.

I bought these a couple of months ago and I have loved using them since. And I know you might think that 'love' using something for your period is a bit strong. But they are the best thing I've used for my periods, ever!

I used to wear tampons religiously. I didn't like pads as I didn't like having a VPL (visible panty line). How vain is that?! But it's true. I didn't want people to see that I was wearing 'big knickers'.

But about a year ago, I spent $40 on one of those period cup things and my god, it was awful. They hurt to get in, they hurt to get out. And it doesn't seem worth it to me, to be in more pain than I need to be. I tried to use it maybe 2 or 3 times but soon gave up. I already feel sensitive, tender and in pain with my periods without adding to my discomfort.

And so I started wearing pads. But the things I hate about pads are:

  • the smell
  • the crinkle noise when you walk
  • the plastic against my skin
  • having to change them several times per day
  • the damage they are causing to the environment (500-800 years to decompose)
  • the cost
  • the fact that they aren't 100% reliable, especially at night time.

So, I looked into other options and decided to spend around $30 on these pads. I did look at the Thinx underwear but I don't see that as a practical solution in terms of changing them during the day. Maybe they would be good for sleeping, but I don't want several items for different times of the day.

Anyway, since using these for the past couple of months, they are great. I love them because:

  • they are affordable (under $30 for a pack of 10)
  • I don't need to change them during the day because 1 pad lasts the whole day as they hold so much liquid
  • they are easy to change and carry around in your bag
  • they don't have that awful period smell when I'm using them
  • they keep me safe and secure at night time (with pads, I would wear shorts to sleep in so I didn't stain the bed sheets, but with these I don't need to and I know it will be ok)
  • they are SO comfortable
  • they are soft and smooth against my skin
  • they don't make a sound like regular pads do when walking
  • they are environmentally friendly as they are reusable
  • they don't feel 'wet' because the fabric soaks up all of the blood

One thing I will say is that I don't have crazy heavy periods, so if you do, you might want to purchase 2 packs. I tend to use the 3 large pads for the first couple of days & nights of my period. Then I switch to the 4 medium pads for the next couple of days and that's it. I don't ever use the 3 small pads, so maybe keep that in mind if you have heavy periods that last a long time.

Anyway, I would HIGHLY recommend these to all women, no matter what age you are. Even if you only use them to sleep in or for days at home. They're so comfy and you won't want to go back to tampons or pads.. well, I didn't at least!

If you want to purchase some for yourself, you can find them here!

I also want to mention that I bought these laundry bags to wash them in. I wait until the end of my period, then put all the used pads into a laundry bag and wash them with my other laundry. These were only $10 and they are the perfect size! Buy them here.

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