Studio Equipment

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Savage Background Port-A-Stand Kit

A backdrop stand was a huge investment for me and it was super exciting. I had wanted to try studio photography for a while, little did I know how much I would love it. This stand is a perfect beginner level stand as it can change the height & width really easily. I would recommend this stand as its sturdy and does a good job!

Buy the Studio Stand Here.

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Savage Seamless Background Paper in Pure White

Savage have great paper that I have really enjoyed using. It's which quality, not transparent and lasts a good amount of time. I use the same piece of paper with several clients to get full use out of it and it works really well. I recommend this white tone as its what I use for my dog photography. It's super white and makes photographs look professional!

Buy the White Paper Here.

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Wireless Flash for Nikon

I currently have 2 of these flashes and I use them on a pretty regular basis. I use them for all of my studio photoshoots and sometimes for my outdoor shoots too. These are great because they're more affordable than the Nikon ones and work great. These ones also work as both master & slave which makes them easy to use!

Buy the Wireless Flash Here.

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Flash Trigger Remote Controller for Nikon

This is the flash trigger that I have on top of my camera in the hot shoe to control my flashes. It's the same brand as the flashes above and works great. It took a little time to understand all the buttons but once you figure it out, it's easy to use. This little device opens up a whole new world of flash photography and it's amazing!

Buy the Flash Trigger Here.

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AmazonBasics AA Rechargeable Batteries

I have 2 packs of 16 of these batteries because I use them on rotation. I need 4 batteries per flash and 2 batteries for the flash controller, which is a total of 10 batteries. If I have 2 or 3 shoots back to back, I need to know that I have enough batteries to be able to change for each shoot. These work perfectly and I've never had an issue.

Buy the Rechargeable Batteries Here.

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120cm Octagon Softbox

This was a great buy for myself. I use this for dog photography and any other studio photography as the size of the soft box makes the light extremely soft and beautiful. I would highly recommend you purchase a large softbox for studio photography, whether it's this one or another. But this works great and packs away small too!

Buy the Octagon Softbox Here.

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Flash Mount

This is basically the essential bit that connect a tripod to the flash/softbox of your choice. I use this with my 120cm octagon softbox above. It's a cheap Amazon find and works perfectly. I have never had any issues and would recommend this product to anyone looking for this piece.

Buy the Flash Mount Here.

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Westcott Rapid Box

This is the softbox that I first purchased. I bought this one as my wedding photographer friend recommended it, and although it is great, I don't use it the most. I prefer my huge 120cm softbox (above) but this item is amazing for people who do a lot of outdoor photography where the 120cm would be too big! A great little item to take everywhere!

Buy the Rapid Box Here.

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AmazonBasics Aluminum Photography Tripods

If you decide to use the same set up as me, you will also need 2 tripods. I use these ones from Amazon and they work fine. You can obviously spend more on some more expensive ones but I think these work great. I have one for each of my softboxes listed above and they're good!

Buy the Tripods Here.

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Neewer Portable 5 in 1 Collapsible Round Light Reflector

I have a small reflector that I used for a number of years, but then decided that I wanted a larger one to be able to reflect more light. This is HUGE which is amazing. I can block the light with the black side, reflect the light with the silver side or defuse the light with the transparent part. Super useful and an essential in the studio!

Buy the Reflector Here.

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Background and Reflector Stand with Clip

I bought this to use with my huge reflector. I wanted something to hold the reflector without having to need an assistant at all times. It's a very basic piece of equipment but helps me out loads. I use this during most of my shoots to either block out light or to reflect light and it works wonders!

Buy the Reflector Stand Here.

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Steel Spring Clamp

This is something that you don't think to buy, and then could possibly forget and be in big trouble! I have 2 of these and use them either side of the paper to keep it in place. These stop the paper from moving and are really great. They are strong, sturdy and durable and have lasted well so far. If you do studio photography, you need these!

Buy the Clamps Here.

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Pro Gaffer Tape

Something else that could easily be forgotten is gaffer tape. I know you can probably buy this from other shops, but I get this from B&H whenever I shop from them. I use this to tape down the paper around the edges so that no one trips up and rips the paper. It's good stuff, tears easily and works great!

Buy the Pro Gaffer Tape Here.

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