Site des Orgues Look Out – France

Site des Orgues Look Out, France

Site des Orgues Look Out

If you're heading to Site des Orgues, be sure to stop at the Look Out which is very close by. From here you get amazing views of the rock formations.

You can see the Site des Orgues that you pay €5 to visit on foot but from a different view point and you can also see another rock formation that is right next door. I'm not sure you can see the 2nd one from the ground, so this is a great opportunity to see it from this level.

We actually came here twice in about a week.. the first time we got here too late to visit the Orgues on foot so snapped some photos here instead whilst watching the sunset. Then when we came back a week later to walk around and we stopped here again.

This view never gets old. It's beautiful and worth visiting more than once to see how different light changes the colours of the rocks.

Site des Orgues Look Out, France

History of Site des Orgues

Site des Orgues is a 5 million year old rock formation made from sand and clay. You can see the layers of sediment that was built up over the years with the horizontal stripes across the rocks. However, due to the fragile nature of the rocks, they are eroding. Every time it rains, a tiny bit of this rock formation is being washed away.

For more information about the Site des Orgues, please read this blog post for opening times, prices, location etc!

This photo below is one of my all time favourites. I shot it using my Sony A6600 camera and Tamron 70-180 f2.8 lens and I just think it's beautiful. I love the tones and the layers of the mountains in the background.. let me know in the comments if you love this as much as I do.

Click here for links to my camera equipment that I use.

Site des Orgues Look Out, France

Practical information

  • It's free to park here and admire the view
  • Great place to come at Sunset as the rocks turn a beautiful shade of orange
  • Perfect place to fly a drone to get some arial photographs
  • Open all day everyday, so if the actual site is closed, you can see get a glimpse from here
Site des Orgues Look Out, France

Photography Advice

I would recommend bringing a large zoom lens with you. I used a Tamron 70-80mm f2.8 on my Sony A6600 (crop sensor) and took the first 2 photographs. The viewing point is quite far away and an iPhone might not be good enough. Click here for links of my photography equipment that I use.

If you have a drone, I would 100% recommend bringing it to fly here as you get incredible shots of the landscapes, the rock formations and the Mediterranean sea in the distance.

I particularly enjoyed taking photographs looking down at the shapes. It looks like veins, or a brain, or roads.. the patterns are beautiful and fun to photograph.

Site des Orgues Look Out, France

What to bring with you?

Bring with you:

  • Camera with a zoom lens
  • Drone to get some arial shots
  • Orange juice & croissants for breakfast
  • Bottle of wine for evenings
  • Snacks, lunch or dinner
  • Maybe suncream if you come during the day
Site des Orgues Look Out, France

Where is Site des Orgues Look Out?

Below is a map showing the exact location of the Site des Orgues Look Out spot. It's in the South of France around 30 min drive from Perpignan. The red dot shows where to park to be able to see the rock formations from the view point.

Watch my YouTube video

Watch this video to see for yourself what it's like at Site des Orgues.


Site des Orgues Look Out, France

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