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Lightroom Presets

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Bright Summer Preset

This preset is bright and perfect for summer beach photographs and snaps from your vacations!

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Moody Harbour Preset

This preset is moody and perfect to create a warm and dark photograph on your travels. Creates a great atmosphere!

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Bright Tasty Foods Preset

This preset is perfect for any bright and tasty food photographs! Works great with fruit & bright donuts! Yum!

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You Rock Preset

This preset was created for a beautiful rock formation in France. Turns yellow rocks into orange/pink shades of gorgeousness!

Cameras & Lenses


Sony A6600

This is my main camera for photography. It's small, light weight & takes amazing photos! It is a crop sensor camera and I love it!


Tamron 17-70 f2.8

The Tamron 17-70 is a great everyday and all occasion lens, especially with the f2.8 aperture. Amazing quality & light weight!

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Tamron 70-180 f2.8

Now this lens is a bit more special.. amazing for detail shots, portraits and zooming in closer to your subject! Love it!


GoPro Hero 9

This is currently what I use for my vlogs. It's great as it's so small and can go everywhere! Could do with an external mic though!


iPhone 12 Pro Max

I have my phone with me ALL THE TIME! I particularly like how big this one is and the photo & video abilities! 10/10 recommend!

Camera Equipment & Accessories


Peak Design Cuff

This keeps my camera safe on my wrist and away from thieves! It also stops me from dropping my camera! Thaaaanks!


Peak Design 6L Sling

Love this bag! Small enough for my camera and 2 lenses.. plus batteries and little items for any day trips!


Peak Design Leash

Super soft around your neck, sturdy and easy to interchange with the cuff. I highly recommend getting both!



Rode Video Micro

The microphone I use for any of my "sit down" videos for my YouTube channel. Easy to use - just plug in and go!


Rode Wireless Go

Great microphone for lab mic use. Great for yoga videos or anytime you won't be right next to your camera!


Purple Panda Lav Mic

If it's windy, I will use this lav mic with my Rode Wireless Go as the mic & wind muff work well. Very affordable!

Travel Wardrobe Essentials


Torrentshell 3L Jacket

This is a super light weight jacket to throw on when it rains. It packs away so is great for day trips & travel adventures!


Down Sweater Jacket

A super warm, light weight & versatile jacket for all travel conditions! It packs away so is perfect to take everywhere with you!


Better Sweater® Fleece

A great throw on item to keep warm. An essential when travelling on planes, busses & trains. Comfy & cosy!


Cashmere Sweater

I got this men's cashmere sweater to keep me warm on cold days and it is super cosy and lovely to snuggle up with!


Trail Fire Road Shoes

Essential travelling shoes - trainers that also have great grip for hiking and great design to wear everyday in cities!


Yoga Leggings

I wear these leggings ALL THE TIME! When I'm lounging at home, doing yoga, hiking, day trips, travelling.. everywhere!


Yoga Tops

These tops are super cute & comfy! Great for yoga, hiking, relaxing at home, travelling.. I wear mine all the time!


Yoga Shorts

Similar to the top & leggings.. I wear these all the time! I bought all 3 items in 3 or 4 different colours so I can mix & match!

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