Rue Cremieux, Paris

Rosie Andre

Rue Cremieux (Crémieux in French) is Paris' version of London's Notting Hill. The houses on Rue Cremieux are very cute, bright, colourful and full of fun! Each house has its own personality and charm.

It's a lovely little road to walk down, situated next to Gare de Lyon. It's very tucked away and hard to stumble upon, so much so, that I used Google Maps to find this tiny road amongst the usual Parisian buildings.

This road is popular amongst models and Influencers who come here for some outfit & fashion photos. The colourful buildings make for some beautiful backdrops for portrait photographs.

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Some of the houses have signs on the windows and doors asking not to take photographs, which I understand. But you can photograph the others and they are good enough for me!

The thing I particularly liked about Rue Cremieux was all of the greenery outside. Each house had a beautiful display of plants adorning the door steps and sometimes the window sills too!

You don't need hours along this road (unless you're planning on doing a photo shoot), but if you do have a couple of hours to kill in Paris and have been to all of the usual attractions, it might be worth visiting. It's very unlike the rest of Paris which I love.

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Photographs of Rue Cremieux houses

Photographs of Rue Cremieux, Paris

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  1. Heidi on October 29, 2017 at 2:04 pm

    How did I miss seeing this neighborhood when I was in Paris?!! Thanks so much for uncovering a hidden gem I surely want to visit.

    • Rosie on October 29, 2017 at 11:07 pm

      You’re welcome! I lived in Paris for a year around 5 years ago and only just discovered it myself!! Enjoy your travels 🙂