Roman Baths in Bath – England

Rosie Andre

It was my 29th birthday while I was in England, so my friend Karen took us to Bath for the day to visit the Roman Baths. I have been once when I was around 12-14 years old but I don't remember a thing. It's such a lovely city to walk around and explore but I imagine it would be a nice place to live too.

My husband & Karen did lots of learning around the Roman Baths and listened to all the information on the telephone things. I listened to bits and bobs but much preferred the visual aspects of the Roman Baths. I enjoyed the columns, the decaying walls, the reflections in the green water etc.

What I can tell you, is that the Roman Baths were first constructed between 60-70 AD and were built up over the next 300 years. Apparently the thermal waters comes from the Mendip Hills and contain sodium, calcium, chloride and sulphate ions in high concentrations

It was nice to look around and try to imagine life as a Roman. Going to the warm baths to socialise with friends. I think it is something I could get used to!

From the Roman Baths there are lovely views of the Bath Abbey situated just next door. We looked around the Abbey afterwards for a bit. We then walked around Bath a for a little while. Then we went for afternoon tea at the Royal Crescent, so stay tuned for more blogs!

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