Paddle Boarding in Miami – Advice & Tips

Paddle Boarding in Miami by Rosie Andre

Paddle Boarding in Miami

We love paddle boarding in Miami, so here I'm going to tell you where we go paddle boarding, which board we have & some great spots you could visit in Miami.

Jeremie bought the paddle board as a present for himself in 2019. We had only been paddle boarding once before with my big brother in Austria, but we knew that we would really enjoy it, especially here in Miami as it's so beautiful.

iRocker Paddle Boards

Jeremie did lots of research before buying his paddle board and asked a friend who goes paddle boarding in Miami too and she highly recommended iRocker.

It's a little bit more expensive than other brands that you can find elsewhere, but the quality is amazing. Ours is inflatable which means we can pack it down into a large backpack to take travelling with us, or we can keep it inflated. We usually have it inflated by the front door, ready for when we want to go out onto the water.

Our board came with the board, the pump and the bag. But we bought some other items too such as a waterproof cooler bag, a kayak seat and life jackets.

Paddle Boarding in Miami by Rosie Andre

Where to go paddle boarding in Miami

We live in Surfside so often go out onto the water close to us, on 93rd street. However, if you want to see different areas of Miami, the first place I would recommend is Oleta Park. It costs a couple of dollars to enter the park if you drive there, but you can paddle to it from other spots in Miami. It's full of mangroves and beautiful nature.

Another great spot is Brickell between all the sky rises, you can often see manatees in Brickell as they're hiding from the boats and jet skis. You could also get on the water around 51st street and Collins so look at all the beautiful multi million dollar houses!

Equally, you could go around the venetian islands and star island to see more gorgeous houses.

Hidden Gems to visit whilst Paddle Boarding in Miami

There are a couple of hidden gems in Miami in terms of where to go paddle boarding. One of our favourite spots in Haulover Sand Bar (especially on a holiday weekend)! We can party with the big yachts, drink a beer in the sun and relax on the board, or go to somewhere a little more secluded which is super close called Sandspur Island. There is a little beach and space for a BBQ, sunbathing and swimming!

You could also float next to Vizcaya and see the beautiful building and gardens from your paddle if you don't want to pay the hefty entrance fee!

There's another spot that we haven't been to yet called Miami Marine Stadium. I'm not sure how good it is for paddle boarding, but it could be something fun to see.

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Paddle Boarding in Miami by Rosie Andre
Paddle Boarding in Miami by Rosie Andre
Paddle Boarding in Miami by Rosie Andre

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