Talking about my struggles of becoming a mother.

Rosie Andre

Wanting to try again

February 1, 2020

To try or not to try I’ll be honest. After losing 3 babies in the past 3 years, it is hard to stay positive. To keep wanting to try again. To put yourself in the situation where you could be heartbroken again and again. The decision to try for a baby feels bigger and bigger…

Rosie Andre

Miscarriage at 8 weeks in Cuba

January 25, 2020

Getting pregnant Jeremie and I decided in September that we wanted to get pregnant again, so in October we started trying and got pregnant in the first month of trying. We were very realistic about the fact that I might have a miscarriage or need to have an abortion after what happened last time and…

Rosie Andre

My Miscarriage Story

May 29, 2017

I just want to talk about my miscarriage that happened in August 2016. I think I’m mostly writing this for myself, to help me heal and get over what happened, but also to help anyone else who might go through this. Anything I write is just my experience, it’s not medically proven or 100% sure…