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We received a posh hotel voucher 2 years ago as a wedding present. It could be used in a selection of hotels around the world. We almost booked several stays using this voucher but for one reason or another, it never happened. And I am so thankful as it meant we used it at Le Mas Candille, which is such a beautiful hotel in a fantastic location.

I am not a 5* hotel kinda gal. I am more into Airbnb or a cheap hotel, as usually when I go away, it's to visit the area. Usually I don't sit by the pool sipping Mojitos next to people in Tuxedos! So for us to book and stay in a 5* hotel was unheard of. It was so surreal. Driving down the driveway next to the beautifully looked after gardens and numerous swimming pools with stunning views of Grasse. Then parking up next to posh & swanky Cannes Film Festival cars in my battered & dirty 308. Oh the shame!

Le Mas Candille hotel was so beautiful. We had a room with 2 balconies over looking the entrance of the hotel. I particularly liked the interior decorations and furnishings (see bed photographs).

We spent the morning exploring Mougins and the afternoon relaxing by the pool. We noticed a couple of people seemed posh and well to do. Later in the afternoon we saw them dressed to the nines in tuxedos and gorgeous gowns ready to attend the Cannes Film Festival, which was rather funny for us as we were frolicking in the pool. After a cocktail and too much sun, we got ready and had dinner reservations at 8pm.

We ate outside as the weather was amazing and warm, overlooking Grasse and the beautiful sunset. The main courses on the menu were around €50 each and the taster menu was €98 per person. We both went for that as we decided we would prefer to taste lots of small dishes. The food was delicious, but for a Michelin star restaurant, it wasn't that spectacular and magical. I've only been to one other Michelin star restaurant before so I'm not an expert. But the other one that I've eaten at was full of surprises and unexpected combinations. Le Mas Candille was delicious food, but didn't have that wow factor we were hoping for. (The cheese course however was pretty epic. There was a cart with around 25 different cheeses on to choose from. I had 6 pieces but couldn't finish the last one as it was far too strong for me. It was one of those 'smelly feet' cheeses that absolutely stinks and almost burns the mouth to eat!)

We had a good night's sleep in the hotel, enjoyed a buffet breakfast then left at around 11 am to explore the calanques and beaches between Cannes and La Lavandou.

Thank you so much to Le Mas Candille for such a special stay at your beautiful hotel. The staff were great, the hotel was gorgeous, the food was great and the location was beautiful. Wonderful.

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my photographs of le mas candille

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