Helpful Resources for Brain Injury

I recently did a Huge Life Update video on my YouTube channel and talked about my Dad's time in hospital after a stroke.

His condition is slightly different to a stroke but the symptoms are the same, and I found it quite hard to find resources that could help him.

So here is a list of things I used to help him with his words, numbers and improving his progress.

- Writing Books

- Alphabet Cards

- Numbers Cards

- Colours & Shapes Cards

- First Words Cards

- Numbers Workbook

I found that some of these seemed a bit too child-like for him and he almost seemed embarrassed to use. But they helped him make a start with his rehabilitation.

The other thing I did was make some work sheets for him with days of the week, months, numbers, foods, feelings and more. These are FREE to download below:

These are random facts I found online and used a font that is good to trace the words: