Cassis Beach and Chateau – France

Rosie Andre

Cassis beach is rather small and pebbly so isn't my favourite. However, it does have fantastic views of the Cap Canaille which is a huge red rock face to the left hand side as you look out to the Mediterranean sea. It's a fantastic landscape and a bit surreal whilst swimming in the water to see such a huge and beautiful piece of rock. You can drive up the Cap Canaille on the "Route des Crêtes" road for panoramic views out to sea and also of Cassis below. I would recommend this to everyone - unless you're afraid of heights and windy roads!

There are a couple beach bars/restaurants to choose from on Cassis beach. We always seem to choose Bada which is situated on the right had side of the beach when looking out to sea. We tend to go here for a drink or 2 to escape the heat. It's open in the evenings too which makes a lovely place for a dinner party at the beach.

Cassis beach is also the best spot in Cassis to see the Château de Cassis, which is the Cassis castle situated on the rocks just above the beach. It's a 13th century castle steeped in history which was renovated and is now a posh hotel/villa. Rooms start from €290 up to €690 per night. You can also hire the property for parties or weddings. Imagine the photographs!! The Château de Cassis also boasts a walled garden and a heated stone swimming pool. There are views of the French fishing port, stunning vineyards and of course the Mediterranean Sea. I think the Château is closed to tourists but I read somewhere they might do tours soon, so keep an eye out for that!

Over all, although Cassis beach isn't my favourite as it's small and pebbly, I do enjoy it here. It's a place I can come for a bit of everything (culture, boats, seafood, history, beach & ice cream!). I have brought all my friends and family here at least once as it's my easy "go to" town of choice. There is something for everyone and it ticks a lot of boxes. I find that other beaches near to Cassis have lovely sand beaches but the town isn't so nice to visit. So if you're wanting a day trip, Cassis is the one.

To see my photographs of the harbour/port, click here..

For more information and to book a stay at the Château de Cassis, click here..


  1. Eva on June 7, 2017 at 10:50 pm

    Your photos are lovely! I’m sorry that I missed stopping in Cassis when I was there last year – next time for sure!

    • rosie on June 9, 2017 at 12:00 am

      Thank you! Yes it is a beautiful little place. You should try to go next time. You won’t be disappointed!!