Camera Equipment

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GoPro Hero 8

We bought the GoPro Hero 8 for our travels and adventures as we often want to capture wide angle photos & videos or underwater content. This is such a great little adventure & travel camera and the audio is actually a lot better than I expected. We have used this quite a bit and love the end results! Highly recommend this!

Buy the GoPro Hero 8 Here.


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DJI Mavic Air 2

We had the DJI Mavic Air, but once the 2 came out, we knew we wanted to buy it. It's better in so many ways. It's faster, more stable, has 48MP camera, it doesn't lose connection, better build quality etc. And for the price, it seems like the best option. So far we love the drone and the photographs taken using it and incredible!

Buy the DJI Mavic Air 2 Here.


Nikon D500 Camera Body

I hesitated between 2 camera bodies but decided on the Nikon D500 due to the 10 frames per second ability. This is amazing for photographing sports, children, jumping shots and dogs! It is a crop sensor camera and is an absolute beast. I am so happy with my camera body and would recommend it to any professional photographers.

Buy the Nikon D500 Camera Body Here.


Tamron 24-70 Telephoto Lens

I bought this lens in 2018 and it has not really left my camera body since. It is an absolute beauty of a lens and it is so versatile. I have used this lens for weddings, dogs, couples, families, products, travel.. everything! The 2.8 aperture is its real selling point and really creates beautiful bokeh photographs.

Buy the Tamron 24-70 Telephoto Lens Here.

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Sigma 10-20 Lens

This lens is a newer purchase and I got it specifically for travel and yoga photography. This is the lens that I will use in a hotel room, or on top of a high mountain. Or equally, I will use it in yoga studios and wellness centres to photograph the whole room. It's a great little lens and not too expensive if you won't be using it all the time.

Buy the Sigma 10-20 Lens Here.

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Sony XQD Card Reader

This Sony card reader is what I bought when I got my Nikon D500 camera body as I switched from using a SD card to a XQD card. It works amazingly and has both the SD card slot and the XQD card slot. It's small and compact which means it is great to travel with.

Buy the Sony Card Reader Here.

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Sony Professional XQD 64GB Memory Card

As the Nikon D500 uses both XQD and SD cards, I bought an XQD card for my new camera as XQD cards are faster and better than SD cards. I went for the Sony version but there were other options available. It's been great and I have never had an issue with it processing photographs or saving files. I would highly recommend this memory card.

Buy the Sony XQD Memory Card Here.

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Rechargeable Battery for Nikon D500

No matter which camera you purchase, I always recommend that you buy at least 2 extra batteries. You never want to go to a shoot and realise that you don't have battery. Get some extras and an extra charger if you need it. It is so worth the investment just to have peace of mind.

Buy the Rechargeable Batteries Here.

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Lowepro ProTactic Camera Backpack

There are lots of pretty camera bags on the market, but I went for this one because I wanted comfort, safety, ease of use and durability over a cute pink camera bag. And this bag is all of that. It's extremely hard wearing and I know I can put it on the floor anywhere and it will be fine. I love the customisable compartments and overall size. It fits everything I need!

Buy the Lowepro Camera Bag Here.

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Optical Glass Triangular Prism

I have so much fun with this thing and even though it's not really an "essential", I wanted to include it on here as I think it's a really great tool to take with you everywhere. I use this during most of my portrait sessions to create something a little different and beautiful for my clients. Easy to use, lightweight, affordable and fun to use!

Buy the Prism Here.

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