Cabo Sao Vincente – Portugal

Rosie Andre

Cabo Sao Vincente (Cape St Vincent) is on Costa Vicentina (Vincentine Coast) on the very tip of Portugal. It is commonly known as "The End Of The World" as it looks out to the Atlantic Ocean.

Cabo Sao Vincente has stunning panoramic views of huge white rock faces lunging into the deep blue sea. There were several hidden beaches in this area too which seemed impossible to get to! Which is a shame as that could have been lovely!

I enjoyed the contrast and juxtaposition of the bright white & red lighthouse next to all the natural surrounding it. There was also a souvenir shop at the end of Cabo Sao Vincente selling items such as book marks, post cards, key rings etc. Outside of this little souvenir shop was a café selling ice creams and drinks with some outdoor seating.

Practical info: there was lots of parking in the car park, but also lots of space up the road leading to the Cabo Sao Vincente for cars. It was free to get in and is open from 10am to 6pm.

There were several "shops", almost more like a market stand at the entrance too. They were selling clothing, pots, tiles, along with other bits and bobs. I particuarly liked one stand selling beautiful hand woven rugs for around €25.

We came on a particularly windy day so excuse the hair in the photo of me - although I find it quite funny! But do be careful that a dress might not be the best idea on a windy day!

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Photographs of Cabo Sao Vincente

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