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I have visited a lot of French hilltop towns, but Bormes les Mimosas was one of my favourites (and that is saying something!!). I loved getting lost in the small streets and admiring the beautiful doors & windows. Bormes les Mimosas is such a flowery place with colours bursting out from every corner. Also, the fantastic views from the top stretch right out to the sea and beyond.

There doesn't seem to be a lot to do or visit in Bormes les Mimosas apart from walk around and take in the beautiful scenery and atmosphere. It's a very chilled town with a couple of bars, restaurants and shops but not much more to be honest. But that's fine, because sometimes all you need is a beautiful place to kick back, relax and enjoy a cocktail or two! I could quite happily have spent more time here wandering the streets, admiring the beauty and would recommend this town to anyone looking to see the real south of France, away from all the glitz & glamour seen in Cannes and St Tropez.

We spent around 2 hours wandering around Bormes les Mimosas before heading to dinner. We had reserved a table at "Le Jardin" which had been recommended to us by a friend who visits this area of France a couple of times per year. The food was all home made with produce of the season and it was deee-licious!! The menu was around €35 for 3 courses (somewhat cheaper than Le Mas Candille!!) and it was lovely. Simple food made with simple ingredients but it was divine. If you do visit Bormes les Mimosas, make sure to book a table here as when we visited in May time, they had to turn away a few groups of people, so I imagine in the Summer months it gets busy. There are around 8 tables inside and maybe 12 outside, so not a lot of space!

I hope you liked this blog post about the little hilltop town of Bormes les Mimosas. As always, please leave comments and questions!

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