Blackpool – England

Rosie Andre

Blackpool is a funny old place. I have some great memories from here. I used to come to the Blackpool Pleasure Beach theme park when I was at high school with friends. I came on a couple of nights out here and even had my hen do evening here. So its a good place to make memories.

However, it was so strange walking around on a weekday in September during the day. It was a bit like a ghost town. In the summer months on a Saturday night, the place is full of groups of people on nights out, hen parties or stag dos. It's the Benidorm of the North. But a weekday out of season was something different. It was almost depressing. It seems to lose its 'charm' (if I can call it that) during the day.

We walked along the beach to the Pier. Played in the empty arcades on the slotties. Then went up the Blackpool Tower for some amazing views over the city and the beach.

Blackpool used to be a huge holiday destination from the 1900-1950 and is famous for its piers, fortune-tellers, pubs, trams, donkey rides, fish-and-chip shops and theatres. It's situated on the North West coast of England in Lancashire, so doesn't have the lovely warm weather that the South of England has in Summer. However, apparently it is still the UK's favourite seaside town.

If you do ever come to Blackpool,I would recommend the Tower (try to stand on the glass floor overlooking the road below!), fish & chips for lunch and playing in the arcades. If you have more time, try to catch a show at The Winter Gardens. Maybe go on a couple of the rides at The Pleasure Beach. I would also consider the Zoo and the Sandcastles waterpark. If you want some of the British Culture, go out on a Saturday night to some of the pubs & clubs. But for sure, make sure you visit in Summer time so it's not a ghost town!

Blackpool Tower