Bath Abbey in Bath – England

Rosie Andre

Here are some of my photographs from my visit to the Bath Abbey. Located right next to the Roman Baths in the centre of the city, it is easy to find. It's a beautifully large building standing at 150 m tall. Both the exteriors and interiors are wonderfully crafted. My favourite was the interiors with the white walls and stained glass windows. Apparently there are 52 windows taking up around 80% of the wall space.

I'm not a religious person, but I love a good church. I would recommend this to anyone else who likes a good building or church. I guess a lot of people that go to Bath visit the Roman Baths, so if you do, head to the Abbey too as it's literally next to it.

There is a recommended admission fee, but it's your choice if you pay or not. However, if you want to see the tower, there is a tour costing £6 for adults. The tour takes around 45 mins and includes 212 steps! Be warned!

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