The Apple Store Cafe – Scorton, England

Rosie Andre

The Apple Store Cafe is a cute little place tucked away in the Lancashire countryside. It's located near Scorton which is close to Preston in the North West of England.

It's a converted hot house which in the olden days would have been used to grow exotic fruits and vegetables.

The Cafe is close to the Nicky Nook walk. I think a lot of their business comes from local walkers stopping off for a coffee and cake. Speaking of which there was a good selection of cakes to chose from. Along with lots of hot drinks and savoury foods too.

It's a lovely location, surrounded by lots of green trees and nature. There is a lake just next to the cafe where you can rent a boat by the hour. If you're not a boat person, you could walk around the outside taking in the scenery.

I loved the interior decoration of the cafe. It was very farmer-esque. There were big wooden tables with mismatched wooden chairs surrounding them, decorated with lovely cushions. There were vines growing inside on the roof of the hot house, lovely homely carpets and shabby chic decorations on the walls.

The Apple Store Cafe also has some "Wedding Barns" used for weddings (obviously!). It would be a lovely rustic venue for a wedding, if maybe a little bit stinky. I only say that as the wedding barns were just next to a barn full of stinky sheep.. I would hope that they would move the sheep and try to get rid of the farm smell before the big day!

There are also a couple of "Bell Tents" available to rent in the grounds of The Apple Store Cafe, which I think come with the use of a hot tub. They advertise this as Glamping, which for anyone who doesn't know, is camping but with a bit of luxury (glamourous camping).

Overall, this is a lovely spot for a night away, or even just to stop off and have some cake. The setting is very lovely and British and the cafe food and drinks are very nice. I also liked that the staff were very lovely and it seemed like a family run business, and if it wasn't it certainly had that lovely feel to it. It was very comfortable and easy to relax in.

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  1. Sue ballantyne on January 11, 2018 at 2:50 pm

    We are regulars to the applestore ,can’t fault the staff lovely food always
    We go with guidedogs and are always made feel very welcome
    Roll on summer so we can sit outside