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Me (right) and my best friend Ruth (left) in the Lake District as children
Me (right) and my best friend Ruth (left) in the Lake District as children

Hey! I'm Rosie and I am a 30-something English woman currently living in Miami, Florida.. let me tell you how and why I got here!

So, let's start from the beginning. I grew up in the north of England where it is cold, grey and rainy most days. But on those rare warm days, it is beautiful!

I spent my childhood playing in the fields, climbing trees, going to the Lake District, climbing mountains and being outside. We would spend weekends camping and summers would be spent in London, in The Lakes or somewhere in Europe. My parents particularly liked Italy and France, I'm guessing due to the food and gorgeous scenery!

I went to a not so great high school, then went on to study creative subjects at college and finally studied Textiles at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Between my 2nd and 3rd year of university, I decided to go travelling. I wanted to see some of the world before I had to grow up and start adulting. And honestly, this is when my life really began. I spent 10 weeks in Fiji on a small island doing some marine conservation volunteer work. I then spent 2 weeks in New Zealand travelling around with some friends. I spent 3 months in Sydney, Australia working as a fashion intern and that is where I met Jeremie. I then spent 1 week in New York with my family who flew over there to spend the week with me and the whole experience was incredible. I had found the love of my life, I had travelled on my own, I had made lifelong friends and I had grown so much as a person.

I went back to University for my final year of Textiles and graduated with a 2:2 which honestly I was proud of.

During my final year of university, Jeremie moved to England for 6 months for his internship and we decided at that time that we wanted to move in together. So once we had finished with University, we moved to Paris for a year. We then moved to the beautiful south of France and spent 5 years there. We bought an apartment, got married, settled down a little bit and I guess I thought we would stay there. But I had to have a later term abortion (at 26 weeks) and we had the opportunity to move to Miami, so grabbed it with both hands and practically ran to Miami.

We have been in Miami since December 2017 and absolutely love it here. The people, the food, the weather, the culture.. everything is perfect and I wouldn't change anything.

Jeremie is working for his French company still, which is amazing and I have had the time to work on my own projects, learn more and build my own businesses. And I haven't been lazy about it!

Our Wedding Day, May 23rd 2015
Our Wedding Day, May 23rd 2015
Rosie Andre
Me and Jeremie in Havana, Cuba 2019

I built up my Provence Photography company that I had started in France whilst we were there and spent the whole of 2018 taking photographs of babies, families, bachelorette parties, proposals, birthdays, maternities.. everything!

I then stumbled into dog photography in early 2019 and spent the whole of that year photographing cute doggies. I called the company Portraits Of Poochies and I got pulled into this whole dog world with dog meet ups, dog birthday parties and themed photoshoots and it was such a fun year! I created Pints & Poochies which is a monthly dog meet up event with lots of other amazing local vendors. And in 2020 I created Poochie Presets.

In early 2020 I got back into photographing people a little bit and created Scared Flow Photography working with yoga teachers. I also started a podcast called Just Interesting People with Jeremie where we talk to regular people about their amazing lives. We also created an online platform for teachers to teach online called Practice With Me Online. And finally I have this blog to talk about anything and everything I want. It's my space to be free and share my thoughts with whoever wants to read them!

I have a lot of businesses and projects on the go but I love being busy! I love to travel, to meet new people and to share my experiences here on the blog! So sign up for the newsletter below, Subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow me on Instagram for more beautiful colourful photographs.

I post 3 YouTube videos a week, I try to share a blog post every Saturday, plus I post on my Instagram account every single day.

So that's me in a nutshell. If you want to hear more about my story, this is the episode of our podcast that was all about me.


  • I am obsessed with sushi & chocolate!
  • I have the worst memory
  • I cannot twerk, but when I try, I have to shout "POP THE BOOTY!"

That's all folks! Send me a message on Instagram if you have any questions or if you want to work together!

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