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Rice Fields - Indonesia 2016
Rice Fields - Indonesia 2016

I grew up with parents who love to travel. So much so that when I was around 8, my parents spent money on a family holiday to Hong Kong rather than a kitchen for the new house. I don't remember it but apparently we used a microwave to cook with for 6 months because of this decision.

We were very lucky growing up and visited lots of places including Spain, France, Balearic Islands and so on. We would go camping and explore The Lake District. We went to Centre Parks. We went on canal boat holidays around England. We would travel down to London for school holidays and explore the south of England. We were very lucky and very adventurous.

All of this travelling at a young age has a huge part to play in who I am today. I love to explore, take risks and see the world. I always learn something new either about myself, other people or the world when I travel.

Even though the north of England was a great place to grow up, climb trees and make memories, I kind of knew there was more to see. I wanted to see what Europe had to offer, and then go further and further afield. Always exploring and always discovering new and beautiful spots.

My first big adventure was in the summer of 2009. I went inter-railing around Europe with 3 friends, visiting lots of different countries for around 6 weeks. We went to Spain, France, Italy, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic & Switzerland. This was a great experience visiting top tourist spots. We had a picnic of wine & cheese under the Eiffel Tower, went shopping in Milan, enjoyed a boat trip in Croatia, a pub crawl in Austria, relaxed in a spa in Hungary etc. It was 6 weeks full of exploring - and alcohol!

Throughout my student years, I visited Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Spain & Germany. This was either on family holidays, university trips or holidays with friends. Europe is a great place for anyone who loves to travel as everything is so close by and cheap to get to!

In 2010 I went on a solo gap year which was a huge thing for me! I spent 10 weeks in Fiji on a scuba diving volunteer program, 2 weeks in New Zealand, 3 months in Australia and 1 week in New York. I met my husband Jeremie in Austrlia and we started travelling together.

We both had 1 year left of university so I would either show him around Manchester, him show me around Toulouse or we would meet each other half way. We met in London & Paris before he moved to Lincoln for a 6 month internship.

After his internship we spent the summer at his parents close to Perpignan. Then moved to Paris for a year. This was amazing as I went to French school and had odd jobs here and there but I was truly able to enjoy Paris to the fullest.

Whilst in Paris we visited Bretagne and parts of the south of France like Marseille & Cassis. We even went to Barcelona for a day trip whilst visiting his parents. After 1 year in Paris, we moved to Aix en Provence and lived there for 5 years.

Whilst living in Aix, I visited lots of tourist destinations and even some hidden gems that the south of France has to offer. I went to Nice, St Tropez, Monaco, Luberon, Cassis, Marseille as well as some other places in France including Lyon, Dijon & Strasbourg. We were also lucky enough to go on a couple of holidays to Corsica, Italy, Spain, England & Austria.

We got married in May 2015 and spent 3 weeks in Indonesia for our honeymoon in 2016. We had the best time seeing orang-utans in the wild, scuba diving with manta rays, climbing volcanoes & talking with locals. It was such a crazy experience for the both of us and we loved it.

In May 2017 we had some bad news and I was off work for around 8 months and it was during this hard time that I created this blog. I needed something to keep me busy and to get me through each day. It sounds crazy that my blog did this for me but it did. Especially being a travel blog, it gave me a reason to go out and explore, so that I could come home, edit the photographs and write about it. I am so grateful that blogging helped me during the worst time of my life.

Even though I blog a lot less now, I still really enjoy it and want to do it more and more. It's crazy to see how much has changed in a year. We are now living in Miami, Florida and loving the year round sunshine and my blog attracts around 500 visitors each month. That might not sound like a lot to some people, but for me who does this for a hobby and who thought that no one would want to read it, I am so proud of myself.

What is even crazier is that a follower of mine on Instagram visited France in June 2018 because of me. My photographs, blog posts, story telling and practical information had inspired him to visit France and is ticked off lots of places I have written about and recommended! This is the biggest pat on the back and I am so happy I inspired someone to travel and see the world!

So here we are. We have been living in Miami since December 2017 and will stay until the end of December 2020, then who knows what will happen and where we will go.

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So buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Festival Vibes - Benicassim 2009
Festival Vibes - Benicassim 2009


Rosie Andre
Rosie Andre

I have always been interested in yoga and actually experienced my first yoga lesson in Sydney, Australia in 2010. I didn't do it again for a couple of years because of where we were living. But once we moved to Miami, I started going back to yoga again.

I started by going to park yoga with Micheal on 94th & Collins on Miami Beach. He holds these community classes that are donation based on Mondays & Thursdays from 6pm-7.15pm. You can go totally for free or you can give him some money as a thank you.

We also started going to Day Breaker which has been an incredible experience for us. We have met so many people there and always have such a great time. I will be writing a blog post shortly about our Day Breaker experiences so you can find out more and hopefully join the Day Breaker community somewhere in the world!

Since being in Miami we have actually done some quite fun things including full moon yoga, sunrise yoga, farm yoga, Acro yoga, human connection workshop and more.

I hope that by writing about these experiences, I might inspire some of you to begin a wellness journey, start yoga or even do something else that is new!

I also love eating healthy foods, trying new sports, going to new places and I thought this could be a great place to talk about anything new that we do and try.

So, if you want to know more about yoga, Miami wellness events or restaurants, stay tuned for more blog posts.


Rosie Andre

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