I feel like I may take a new direction with my blog. I have always been interested in travel, so that will continue. I still want to talk about the places that I go to, where I recommend and what I would avoid etc.

But I also want to start talking about eco friendly, sustainable, ethically made and plastic free products. Whether its skin care, beauty items, clothing, underwear, swimwear etc.

I want to talk about things that I'm passionate about.

I think several years ago when I started this blog, sustainable and eco friendly fashion was not fashion at all. It was very hippy, very brown and not very flattering. But these days, the fashion industry has stepped forwards and is now producing beautiful garments that are eco friendly, made with fair trade, the fabrics are sustainable and often made from plastic waste. It's incredible how far along we have come since then.

So, I have reached out to a couple of brands that I would like to talk to about their products. I have heard back from 1 already which is a good start. But I hope to find amazing products that everyday people like you and me can purchase and be happy with.

I want to feel confident whilst wearing eco friendly clothes. I want to feel happy whilst using eco friendly make up. I want to feel like I am not missing out, which I think was a fear of mine a couple of years ago.

I am less interested in fashion & trends and more interested in how it feels, where it is made and the material.

So, I want to try my best to promote brands who have these same ethics as me.

Wish me luck on this new adventure, but if you're here for the travel stuff, that will remain here too, so don't leave us!

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